Overview: Supplements 

Supplements can be an incredibly helpful tool to enhance our neurology.  Children with special needs frequently have underlying metabolic and mitochondrial issues; leading from (or contributing to) increased toxicity and decreased neurological function.  While diet is the first line of medicine for any neurological disorder, many people need more support than it’s possible to get from food alone.

I know everyone is going to want me to put out protocols, and I truly wish it was that simple, but no neurological conditions are exactly the same.  It would be irresponsible (at best) for me to give protocols. But what I have outlined in this section is a list of supplements that you can research. I will do more in depth articles and interviews to provide more detail on them, but they are products that I recommend you look into and talk to your integrative practitioners and doctors about.  In addition, I would like to recommend that you consider traditional Chinese herbology. Chinese herbal formulas are created by licensed practitioners to precisely fit the patient and their current health conditions. I have yet to find a more effective and safe way to address any health condition (emergencies excluded).

In this section you will also find a listing of treatment programs, relevant podcasts and biohacking devices that I have either used or looked into to use for Remy and myself.  Believe me, I know as well as you that some diagnoses cannot be changed - but it is the prognosis that I am fighting for.

And to the parents, the caregivers, this is all so very important for you too.  Trust me, I know how hard it is. I know how isolating is it. How scary. I know.  But our loved ones deserve everything we’ve got and you can’t give them that if you aren’t taking care of yourself also.  You got this.

*** In order to create the most effective products that I could for myself and for Remy, I created Radical Roots. This CBD/Chinese herb line has been incredibly helpful for both my stress and anxiety while it has drastically helped Remy’s sleep, seizure activity and his ability to focus. If you are the caregiver (aka parent) for a child or a loved one with a disability you are both eligible for 40% off of all of our products all of the time. (This is also true for Veterans and people who have a low income and cannot afford the herbs).

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