Overview: Oxygen 

Oxygen therapy and various forms of light therapy have been used with great success to help heal the body and the brain.  

Hyperbaric oxygen has been used for decades to help those struggling with neurological disorders.  While the research is scattered, most doctors that I have talked to believe that oxygen is a key proponent to any health plan aimed on healing the brain.  Many doctors use oxygen as a part of their neurological health plan as it is known to help detoxify the body and may be useful in creating new neurological connections and actually repairing damaged areas of the brain. Remy does hyperbaric sessions twice a year for 20 dives each time and follows the oxygen sessions with neurofeedback to balance the brainwaves.   

Other ways to help oxygenate the body can be through the use of various breathing (and meditation) techniques. These techniques may be tricky for some with a neurological condition (especially children) but they have a deep history in traditional medicines from around the world and can be incredibly helpful.  Certain breathing techniques can actually stimulate and regulate the vagus nerve which is intrinsically connected to both trauma and the gut brain connection. Breath is life, do not underestimate the power of it.

Another incredibly useful and interesting tool is light.  Sunlight, red light, blue light. Our bodies and brains respond incredibly powerfully to light and through photobiomodulation and various forms of light manipulation and therapy, we are now discovering ways to harness light to help heal.  While I will admit I am just starting my research in this, I am really excited about everything I’m learning and I’m really excited to study up some more to share with everyone.

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