Our brains have a remarkable capacity to heal.  Don’t settle.


Four and a half years ago, I was blessed with a beautiful baby.  A child who would rock my world and turn everything I knew upside down.  Clearly, all children do this to their parents, but our journey is a bit different.  

See, Remy was diagnosed with an impressively rare genetic disorder called STXBP1.

This disorder comes with seizures and multiple disabilities, affecting every single aspect of development.  As an acupuncturist, herbalist and student of functional medicine - I have dedicated every “spare” moment to learning all that I can about the brain and neuroplasticity. What I have learned and what I have seen and experienced has changed me forever.  I am here to share what I have learned, to help other families struggling with physical or neurological disabilities have a place to turn when things get grim.

While I make no promises of miracles, I do offer this: this page is full of information, research and options.  No one knows your body or your child better than you do.  

I urge you to consider the options. Consider hope.

— Chloe Weber MSOM, L.Ac., FOUNDER


Let’s get started! We dive into:



Regardless of which health complaint you would like to address, diet is the most important thing you can upgrade. Start here and find a diet that resonates with you, figure out what makes you feel good and what you can stick to.



Breath is life. Oxygen is used for both brain heath and detoxification. In this section we explore more advanced options in neurological treatment.



Heavy metals, mold toxicity, pesticides, hormone disrupting chemicals (and more) are absolutely everywhere and can wreak havoc on the brain. Find out how and where to get tested and what to do next.


Supplements & Resources

Here you with find the supplements I suggest you look into and discuss with your healthcare practitioner. You will also find a listing of treatment centers, podcasts and biohacking devices that may help your prognosis.


Smart movement and and sensory stimulation is essential for brain health. Learn how any why you want to make sure you are moving with intention and how to integrate these movements into your day.


About this site

This website is set up to help you explore the techniques that I have found to be most critical for brain health.  I have provided the basic information along with links to research, suggested reading and some products that I have either used or have heard good things about.  I will write and share articles regularly that will go more in-depth on different topics. I also plan to review as many products and treatment programs as possible.

My goal is to give you a starting point.  

Everyone is different and it’s best if you work with a practitioner you respect, one who listens to you about your concerns and your suggestions.